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Last year I made the switch to shooting and editing videos in 4K. I quickly realized that in order to work efficiently in post, I would need to do a major computer upgrade to handle the increased file size of the 4K video format.

From my own experience, I’ve compiled four crucial technical considerations every video editor should make before making the jump to 4K video.

Lighting Fast Storage

For internal memory you want a solution that will process data quickly. These days an SSD is your best option. SSDs have no moving parts, so they are less prone to failure and are quicker than traditional hard drives. It’s worth noting that different drives have different transfer rates. A drive that can effectively do this is the Samsung 1TB SSD which runs at 540MB/s. You’ll need to shell out more than double the money for a SSD, but it’s worth the investment for pro users.

Expand Your Brain

You don’t have to go crazy with your computer’s processor, but you want one that is solid and can run multiple tasks with relative ease. Intel is currently in both Mac and PC. With Intel you have two clear cut choices: the Intel i7 and the Xeon e5. (Info Current as of 2016)

You can go either way here. Both the Xeon e5 and the i7 will give you the processing power you need to get the job done. The Xeon e5 is rated just a little better than the i7 and packs a little harder punch — but it’s also around twice the price.

Boost Your Memory

There’s one thing above all else to consider when editing and running software like Premiere Pro CC, Avid, and FCPX: memory.

Programs like those listed above use up a lot of memory to process your work, especially if you’re processing and rendering highresolution video. Boost the RAM memory to increase your processing power. You’ll rarely see a professional editor with less than 16GB of memory in their editing computer.

Max the Graphics

Graphics are just as important as processing power and memory when building a computer for video editing. Processing 4K will require a lot of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) so you’ll want to find a solution that gives you at least 1GB of memory.

Did we leave anything out? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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