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CR Production offers a vast array of royalty-free stock music and sound effects for you to purchase. Still, there are nearly endless ways to create your soundtrack. The ideal way (after CR Production, of course) is to hire a composer to compose a score for your documentary, this way your picture’s soundtrack is totally customized and unique. If this option sounds enticing to you, find a composer, negotiate a price, and get it to them as soon as your editing is locked in.

For many of us that don’t have the connections or budget, there are other options. Here are a few tips when selecting music for your soundtrack.

Determine the Mood or Tone

One of the last components of a documentary film (or any film for that matter) is the soundtrack. Music and sound are merely tools to help you define the mood or tone that you’ve already worked to develop. With each piece of music, always ask yourself does this match the Mood or Tone of the picture.

Don’t Be Afraid of Silence

Before you go crazy with the soundtrack of your documentary, consider the possibility of very little soundtrack at all. Emotional cues can be built many different ways. Sometimes a well thought out silent pause can be extremely effective.

Music Can Drive Pace

Very early on in your project, you’ll find that your documentary has a certain tempo to it. The pacing of how people talk, how they go between excited and tempered, it all feeds into an underlying rhythm. The soundtrack and music will help develop that pace and give a powerful foundation to your film.

Did we leave anything out? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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