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Standard License
(Included in all licenses)
1) YouTube and Vimeo (includes monetized videos)
2) Corporate videos
3) Slideshows (online, wedding, corporate)
4) Non-commercial films and theatre (film festivals, student productions)
5) Up to 1,000 copies/downloads of a revenue generating podcast, DVD, app or game (paid or with in-app purchases or advertising)
6) Company and personal websites
7) FREE podcasts, apps and games for iOS/Android/online

TV and Radio
TV and Radio Use
(add $25)
1) Television or radio series and mini-series
2) Made for television films and documentaries
3) Talk shows and Reality shows
4) News programs

TV and Radio Advertising
Local / Regional Use
(add $100.00)
National Use – 1 Country
(add $250.00)
National Use – 2 Countries
(add $350.00)
National Use – 3 Countries
(add $450.00)
Worldwide Use
(add $750.00)
1) Television advertising
2) Radio advertising
3) In-theater advertising (screening pre-roll)
4) Sponsorship messages
5) Public service announcements

Mass Duplication
Up to 10,000 Copies
(add $100.00)
Unlimited Copies
(add $250.00)
1) DVDs, CD-ROMs or any data storage device
2) Revenue generating apps and games (paid or with in-app purchases or advertising)
3) Video on Demand (VOD), Netflix, iTunes
4) Audiobooks
5) Software

Film or Theatrical Production
Film and Theatrical Use
(add $250)
1) Feature film or Commercial short film
2) Commercial play or theatrical presentation

You may not sublease or re-sell these licenses to any third party EVEN after the License is purchased, for more info please view our Additional Terms for All License Types PDF.